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Here is the original statement from jmarshall23 about the port:


One of the things that pissed me off when I bought my windows 8 phone was the fact there wasn't any good games for it out there, so over my christmas break I decided to port GLQuake to D3D11/Windows Phone 8. This isn't really that big of a thing, but for any developers are looking to design a game for the windows phone, one huge problem out of the box is there aren't really many engines that run on the device atm. For those that want to make zombie invasion 6billion for the windows phone with some fixes it might be the engine to make your game on.

It is buggy, but it's playable(right now to get to a level you need to set map <xyz> in autoexec.cfg, thats only because I haven't programmed the input for the menu yet), the PVS system seams to cull out more stuff than it should, the sky, liquid and lava don't render correctly half the time(half the time they do though), and the sound system cuts out. And the culling for models gets reversed sometimes also dont know why.

I tried to keep the engine as close as I could to the original, one of the big things I had to add was obviously d3d11 support but also I added fbo/ibo support. I did that because it made converting trifan to tristrip easier.

So anyway if you want to see it in action:


To compile add the pak's to the src/base folder._

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